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Honors Diploma

New Honors Diploma Requirements 

High school students can gain state recognition for exceeding Ohio’s graduation requirements through an Academic Honors Diploma. High-level coursework, college and career readiness tests and real-world experiences challenge students.

Students must meet all but one of the following criteria. Each of these criteria go beyond the standard requirements for a diploma for the classes of 2023 and beyond. Students must meet general graduation requirements and complete the requirements outlined below to qualify for honors diplomas. Students may replace options 4, 5 or 6 with a “Student Strength Demonstration.” The previous requirements to earn an honors diploma are also available for students in the classes of 2023-2025.


Requirements State Minimum
1 Math Fourth math must be > Algebra 2 
2 Science One additional unit Advanced Science
3 Social Studies One additional unit Social Studies
4 World Languages Three sequential units of one world language, or no less than 2 sequential units of two world languages studied
5 GPA 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
6 ACT/SAT ACT: Score of 27 or higher, SAT: Score of 1280 or higher
7 Seal Requirement Earn two additional diploma seals, not including Honors Diploma Seal
8 Experiential Learning Field Experience, OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal*, Portfolio or Work-Based Learning

*Students can use OMJ Readiness Seal in 2 additional seals requirement if it is not used in Experiential Learning.

Student Strength Demonstration Replacement

Students can use the Student Strength Demonstration to replace the ACT/SAT, GPA or World Language requirement for any Honors Diploma. The Student Strength Demonstration options are listed below. The same options exist for each of the six honors diplomas* but, where relevant, should reflect coursework or experiences relevant to the theme of the Diploma. For example, a student earning the Academic Honors Diploma and using the College Credit Plus option to replace another requirement for the diploma should have College Credit Plus courses relevant to the Academic Honors diploma.