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Athletic Eligibility/NCAA


OHSAA Eligibility Homepage

The OHSAA mandates that students carry and pass a minimum of 5 classes per grading period. Students and parents are urged to check the student-athlete’s schedule to make sure that it is balanced so that 5 classes are being taken each semester. College Credit Plus students also need to be carrying 5 classes in college or with college and high school combined. CONSULT WITH YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR when scheduling! Student athletes are strongly urged to inform their coach before making any schedule change.

  1. It is the 9 weeks grade (not the semester average or final course grade) prior to the start of a season that determines initial eligibility for a sport.

  2. Initial eligibility for Fall Sports is determined by grades in classes taken during the 4th nine weeks of the previous academic year.

  3. Initial eligibility for Winter Sports is determined by grades in classes taken during the 1st nine weeks of the current academic year.

  4. Initial eligibility for Spring Sports is determined by grades and classes taken during the 3rd nine weeks of the current academic year.


NCAA Division I & Division II Eligibility and Requirements

NCAA Course List: Go to link NCAA Course List and enter 363615 under ACT/CEEB Code

Student-athletes wanting to participate in sports at a NCAA Division I or II college need to:

1. Meet with a school counselor each year to be sure they are taking the required Core Courses

2. Earn a MINIMUM grade point average of 2.0 IN THOSE CORE COURSES

3. Register to take the ACT. Include the NCAA Clearinghouse code (9999) as one of the places to send the ACT score.

3. Take the ACT (it’s usually to the student’s advantage to test more than once)

4. Register with the Clearinghouse during their junior year. Register at There is a fee.

5. Request a transcript be sent through Parchment upon registering with the Clearinghouse.